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The most complete platform for online psychologists

Benefits Why work with Psintegra?

We provide you with strategy, technology and new revenue.

ReInnovation and Professional Development 

We are the first network of highly qualified professionals to provide psychological care services nationally and regionally (online). More than 3,000 people follow our digital content and more and more request the support of our team of professionals to improve their quality of life.

  • Advertising and visualization as a Psychologist in our Digital Directory of Professionals.

  • Your professional services now available on the Internet. Receive your reservations 24/7.

  • Offer your services virtually through our online consultation system.

  • Olvídese de pay local rent, secretary, customer administration, among others. Psintegra does it for you.


Psintegra can be your main source of income ("full time") or a supplement to your current job. You choose the number of hours available that you can dedicate a Psintegra to have full control of each reservation. Since most of the work at Psintegra is without fixed hours, you are in control of your schedule and are free to choose the hours that best suit you. Morning, afternoon, night or all day: if you dedicate yourself completely to the care clinic. You don't need to worry about customer acquisition, billing, support, or other operations. We take care of everything!

  • Give attentions from the comfort of your home or office.

  • You are the owner of your time.



We take care of everything. You provide professionalism, care, experience and desire to help people. Continue the process if you meet the following requirements:

  • Licensed by the oversight board to provide services Professionals in Mental Health (eg, JVPP or similar credentials depending on your country of origin).

  • Experience in care individual clinic for adults.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Reliable internet connection 

  • Resident of El Salvador or Central American Region

Fill the following form and become a member!

Note: Unfortunately, if you are an intern or need supervision to provide counseling services, you cannot be a Psintegra provider at this time. In addition, we cannot accept substance abuse counselors, school counselors, registered nurses, professional counselors, Christian counselors, and business consultants (unless they have an additional license as a mental health professional). Psychologists are independent providers who provide their professional services and are not Psintegra employees.

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