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Improving the quality of life of people since 2016

At Psintegra, we develop personalized talks and workshops. Below we detail the types of talks and workshops that we offer. If you want a talk or workshop, we will meet to design what you propose, and thus, adding to past experiences, be able to give you what you request with a better quality of service.

Our Methodology

The methodology used is based on an experiential approach and popular education, taking into account two dimensions: theoretical and practical for transformation. In this process the experiences of the participants are what constitute its wealth; assessing and discovering new knowledge. Participants will be able to internalize elements for a personal change that will have an impact on the context in which they operate.

The proposals of popular education are adopted, as an education for power (for more power) and for the transformation of life. It is about unlearning, to transform what is established.


The work during the sessions must be understood as a collective production of knowledge and not as the transmission of knowledge and content. These are essentially participatory processes that provide a meeting space for diverse people, with whom it is possible to build knowledge based on critical reflection on different topics.


We start from an active-participatory methodology in which the exposition of theoretical concepts alternates, as well as dynamics and practical exercises, which contribute to personal reflection and the internalization of said concepts. 

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